Visionary — Josh Paquette and Josh Otten

Co-owners, J. Willott Gallery

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Co-owners Josh Paquette and Josh Otten are excited over the expansion of their El Paseo location in Palm Desert.

J. Willott Gallery began its 10th season this fall in a bigger space that better showcases the quality and diversity of the contemporary artists who co-owners Josh Paquette and Josh Otten represent.

“We’re extremely excited,” Paquette says of their expansion on Palm Desert’s prestigious El Paseo. “It gives us an opportunity to show a lot more work. We’re really proud of the artists we show. They’re mostly well-established artists with major exhibition histories and museum collections, along with some emerging artists we are excited to introduce.”

The Coachella Valley has a wealth of galleries exhibiting everything from craft to blue-chip fine art. J. Willott has carved a niche with its aesthetic and customer service. The gallery’s clients are full- and part-time residents as well as visitors from the Southern California coast, Bay Area, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. “We get to focus not only on their home here, but also, come spring, they’re headed back and thinking about things for us to send in that direction.”

Paquette and Otten have grounded themselves in the community, and both recently started families. In their business, they focus on building relationships and thrive on their clients’ repeat business and referrals.

“Our customer service is beyond anything people are used to experiencing,” Paquette says. “Every time someone comes into the gallery they deal with one of the owners. We pick every piece of art. Nothing comes into the gallery that we’re not excited about and interested in showing our clients.”

VIDEO: Watch the interview with Josh Paquette.