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First Vice President and Branch Director Ryan P. Wilson, and Team Members Bob Iglehart, Gabriel Aguirre

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I moved here with my family six years ago and realized right away that we wanted to stay in the Coachella Valley,” says Ryan P. Wilson, first vice president and branch director of RBC Wealth Management. “It’s a great place to raise our kids, and it’s a great lifestyle for any professional. We’re two hours away from the beach or the mountains or major airports if we want to go on vacation. This community is a place where we can make a difference. We can grow roots and really see ourselves flourish in the Coachella Valley.”

Wilson also serves as a team member of Iglehart, Aguirre, Wilson Group, a wealth management team with RBC Wealth Management a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), which Wilson calls “one of the safest banks in North America.” RBC Wealth Management is the eighth-largest investment firm in the United States, based on number of Registered Representatives.
“RBC Wealth Management U.S. had been looking to open up an office here in the Coachella Valley for many years,” Wilson says. “RBC Wealth Management knew the demographics were right and knew they could find the professionals they needed. It was just a matter of timing. We opened our office here in August of 2011.

“Going forward, you’re going to have more people want to have their primary financial advisor here in the Coachella Valley, where they can meet them face-to-face and discuss the right decisions for their family, their estate, and their future. Their business may be in Washington, Arizona, or Northern California, but this is where they spend the bulk of their time and where they reflect what they want for their financial future — what they want their legacy to be.”
Wilson cites the valley’s overall resources as another factor in his decision to stay: “If you want a diverse skilled workforce from which to pull, if you want great schools, if you want great dining, great activities, and the ability to go anywhere you need to go to get anything you need to get, I just don’t know that you can beat this as a hub for a business,” he says. “From a professional, family, and community environment, the Coachella Valley is second to none.”

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