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Hector Romero

Team Members:
Sandy Yester
Chsir Obeji
Fedor Roqovets

Designer Hector Romero has a comprehensive understanding and experience of architecture and interior design. Today, Hector is the owner and lead designer of Wallteriors, handcrafted wall treatments in Palm Springs. This line of specialized eco friendly wallcoverings is being used by design professionals globally. Most recently, Hector’s designs for Wallteriors may be seen in the revival and completion of the L’Veneto project, the Las Vegas City Center Project, the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel and the Macaw Wynn Hotel. This 1950’s style bubble dress was created by Hector, and fashion designer Fedor, and is made from Wallteriors wallcovering and is embellished with mother of pearl and crystal accents. 

Photography by Gerry Maceda and Adrianne Bonafede

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