A Body in Balance

The trainers at The Vintage Club Fitness and Wellness Center will help you move better, feel healthier, and gain more strength

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Gyrotonic® machines are the newest generation of full-body wellness, designed to strengthen the core and spine.
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The Vintage Club Fitness and Wellness Center promotes a basic tenet : Change up the workout. Fun, challenging, and results-driven exercise maintains motivation in the routine.

The Club’s 18,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness center supports that philosophy with the recent introduction of new machines reflecting the latest trends in fitness and well-being.

Not-to-be-missed is a collection of new stations by Freemotion. Exhibiting a high-efficiency design, the leg rig machines are used to perform leg extensions, hip abductions, and leg curls. Together, Freemotion helps develop stress-free strength, improve sports performance, and bring balance to daily movement.

To improve functional movement, the Pilates room offers a full assortment of Gyrotonic® machines designed to strengthen the core and spine. As instructor Jill Grako explains, Gyrotonic’s one-on-one workout has the advantage of strengthening the spine in seven planes of motion and in rotation, an advantage that has made it an invaluable training tool for sports greats such as Tiger Woods and Andy Murray.

The Gyrotronic Method® incorporates many of the same continuous, flowing movements found in swimming, dance, yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics, ultimately serving as a restorative workout for injury recovery and strengthening the body evenly from head to toe — with a strong core in between.

“I’ve witnessed people’s lives benefit in profound ways as they move better, feel healthier, have less pain, and gain more strength, agility, balance, and range of motion,” adds Sher Borrell, a Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor at the fitness center. “It is a mindful exercise modality that teaches the body to work with ease, efficiency, and confidence while complementing other workout regimens.”

Similar in intent but practiced without equipment are the new Feldenkrais classes. This new fitness trend emphasizes increased physical awareness through easeful movement and is suited to all fitness levels. The movements help maintain or regain a full range of motion as well as retrain neural pathways to overcome injuries and imbalance.

Of course, laughter and fresh air are major contributors to good health, as important as maintaining a great range of strength and motion.

As a fitting complement to the serious commitment to training and physical therapies that Vintage Club members enjoy, the fitness center has also added a new fleet of Townie 3i cruiser bikes — gray for the gents and champagne for the ladies. Social, aerobic, and just plain fun, riding these road warriors takes the work out of workout and replaces it with the joy of good health.

For more information: The Vintage Club, 75-005 Vintage Drive West, Indian Wells, 760-346-5566; www.vintageclubsales.com

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