A ‘Modern’ Libation

There’s a new seasonal cocktail at Viceroy Palm Springs inspired by the desert designs of architect Jim Jennings

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“Jim Jennings’ homes start off with a structured plan and a thought-out blueprint — simple, clean, and as refreshing as the breeze,” says Jordan Fife, director of sales at Viceroy Palm Springs.

“Our Jim Jennings cocktail begins the same way.” Expounding on the harmony that exists between the architect’s work and its natural landscape, Fife explains that the craft cocktail — sourced from ripe Southern California ingredients — employs this same concept.

“Laying the groundwork” by muddling fresh lemon, lime, and orange slices with sweet pomegranate juice and simple syrup, the bartender adds Cointreau, Avión Silver Tequila, and a splash of Luxardo. He then shakes the mixture, pours it over ice, garnishes it with fresh fruit slices and an edible flower, and serves.

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