best fish agua caliente palm springs

Best Fish Dish

Best way to sample all the soups at once? Willie's Modern Fare in Rancho Mirage.

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best fish agua caliente palm springs

The Glacier 51 Toothfish at The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs.

When you think of desert dining, seafood is never the first cuisine to come to mind. Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs executive chef Kieran Fleming is angling to change that with his latest creation. The veteran chef recently refreshed The Steakhouse menu at the downtown casino, adding the Glacier 51 Toothfish, a sumptuous, wagyu-like Patagonian filet served atop sautéed pea tendrils, roasted corn, and apricot beurre blanc. Magnificently charred on the outside and super flaky on the inside, the sustainably sourced sea bass is delivered daily by Santa Monica Seafood, and Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs is the only place to catch it in the Coachella Valley.
best soup willie's modern fare rancho mirage
The Demitasse Trio of Soups at Willie's Modern Fare in Rancho Mirage.
Best Way to Sample All the Soups at Once

A bowl of soup can feel boring. But a try-’em-all trio served in cute little espresso cups? Much more fun — and hard to pass up.

“When I dine out, I like to taste a lot of things, and I order multiple appetizers,” says Chad Gardner, chef and co-owner of Willie’s Modern Fare in Rancho Mirage. “So the thought process behind the Demitasse Trio of Soup was, ‘Let’s give people a taste of three different soups.’ And they love it.”

All three of the smooth, purée-style soups are vegan and gluten-free. The wild mushroom is derived from portobello and creminis and garnished with truffle oil; the cream of asparagus with lemon oil utilizes cream of coconut to impart richness; and the kitchen roasts its own tomatoes to create the silky roasted tomato soup, finishing it with chive oil. Those house-infused oils give the soups a pretty final touch as well as an extra layer of flavor, Gardner says.

“We felt that finishing each with a different oil brightens them up and elevates them to a different level.” — Lizbeth Scordo