mojave flea paul lowe

From the Earth, Formed by Hand

Functional ceramic pieces throw good vibes your way.

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mojave flea paul lowe
Small pinch vases for your best buds are handmade in Palm Springs by Paul Lowe (editor of Sweet Paul magazine) at Mojave Flea.

A mismatched pair of carved, wood-fired tequila cups and a carved ceramic incense burner by Jonathan Cross reveal the primitive textures and geological forms he produces using an ancient wood-firing technique. He fires the pieces at his wood kiln in Twentynine Palms.


A collaboration with Los Angeles-based Jen Kuroki led to these reusable bespoke bowls with Moroccan Berber and desert symbols at Soukie Modern. Each is filled with a Santal Épicer-scented soy candle.


Warmly striped ceramic pots handmade in Laguna Beach by Mary McDonald of Double M Pottery are at The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five.


Sip like it’s the 1970s again from these Dot and Stripe mugs by Double M Pottery.


The handmade 1-quart Desert Pitcher at Thick as Thieves takes you from iced tea to mojito with its bands of SoCal colors.

Heath Ceramics’ 2020 Winter Seasonal Collection called Love and Hope includes pieces with a gradient glaze that flows from one Plaza Tray to the next.