Unfinished Business

An architectural photographer applies his skills to a crude work in progress.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Architectural photographer Dan Chavkin had free rein to explore the empty spaces, naked framework, and rubble on the work site of a Palm Springs home.


Making His Day

A free-spirited Costa Mesa designer builds a playful side into handmade chairs, desks, and game tables.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Sean Woolsey Studio’s quality furniture is made by hand in Costa Mesa. His newest pieces include an outdoor 
pingpong table and a steel-frame lounge chair.


Lantern Bearers

Fresh from France, 
a rechargeable glow that 
weathers the elements.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Fermob offers a versatile range of mobile outdoor lighting, and have become best-sellers at Pelago in Uptown Palm Springs.


Your Papers, Please

When and why wallpaper works.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design, Real Estate

Mark Nichols Interiors used wallpaper where the intention is to deviate from the main narrative of this Rancho Mirage home — used sparingly but intentionally to highlight or surprise.


The Artist and the Architect

In sync with William Krisel, a couple draws a new framework for life inside a 1960s home.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design, Real Estate

Architect Stan Boles and artist Wendy Kahle weren’t new to vintage homes when they found their second Palm Springs vacation property by William Krisel.


Modern Family

Playful colors and durable materials meet grown-up sensibility in this Interio designed for all ages.

Shelly Cannon Interior Design, Real Estate

Interior designer Jeff Valenson, of Los Angeles–based Jeff Valenson Design, has created a home at Toscana Country Club that unites traditional elements with a clean, modern aesthetic.


Cooking with Gas

This kitchen puts the pedal to the metal.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design, Real Estate

This Bighorn Golf Club kitchen is sleek, shiny, and sophisticated, with all the masculine edge of a modern sports car and the tools to make it purr.