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Talk to the Second Hand

For costume designer Daniel Orlandi, Palm Springs is more than just his home away from home. It’s a treasure trove of vintage furniture, art, and film-worthy fashions.

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matt damon
Daniel Orlandi outfitted Matt Damon in the film, Ford v Ferrari.

Hollywood costume designer Daniel Orlandi has been escaping L.A. to his Palm Springs home for decades, which has given him plenty of time to scope out area shops. He’s found countless pieces for the big screen at local boutiques, including smooth 1960s styles for the film Ford v Ferrari (out Nov. 15) starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Consider getting ready for your own close-up at his favorite shops.


“When you do a film, you need hundreds of costumes. For Ford v Ferrari, I bought a bunch of stuff there, like men’s 1960s-style pants and polo shirts. It’s amazing what you can find! I came home with a carload of stuff two weeks ago. And all that money goes to charity, which I think is great, so I’ll donate stuff to them as well.”

daniel orlandi


Daniel Orlandi at his L.A. workshop.


“My favorite store in Palm Springs is Hedge. Charles [Pearson] and Thomas [Sharkey], who own the place, have the most amazing eye. They have vintage pieces. They have beautiful art. I’ve bought so much stuff there. Whenever I have houseguests, that’s always one of our stops. And I never brought a houseguest there that didn’t buy something."

hedge palm springs


Hedge treasures.


“My other favorite place for furnishings and stuff is Courtney Newman’s Modernway. I’ve known Courtney for many years because he used to run the studio department at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. He is an expert in all things mid-century through the ’80s. He has cool, really iconic, important pieces. You always go there and you get an education.”

Collectors Corner

“I’ve bought so many clothes for movies and television in Palm Springs, especially at the Eisenhower Medical Center thrift store. You can find such great stuff! I bought a group of beautiful 1970s evening gowns that I used on this film Frost/Nixon that Ron Howard directed. And I found a 1930s compact little purse that I just used last year for The Highwaymen.”