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Man With A Plan

David Rios has successfully merged his creative eye for design with his acumen for real estate sales much to the benefit of his clients.

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david rios palm springs
David Rios brings more than 25 years of experience to helping clients find that dream home and then share his design expertise to show what the home could become. 

David Rios remembers at age seven rearranging the pillows on his grandmother’s couch. Even then he was developing a creative eye, and setting his career course in motion where he would merge design with real estate sales.

For more than 25 years, Rios has found success helping his clients find that dream home and then bring his design expertise into play by sharing his vision for what their home could become.

He is far from a one-dimensional, always looking outside the box, and knowing the right way to bring out the beauty of a home. His strength is not holding back, and putting his wealth of knowledge to work for his clients.

“I love working with my clients, I understand the vision that they want to create. And that brings out different multiple personalities of myself,” Rios says. “If it's like a traditional home, I might stay within  the era 1920s and 1930s art deco. And I know that if someone's coming to me to develop a vacation rental, my mind frame completely changes, and you get wild, fun David, thinking outside the box versus a traditional home.”

“Regardless of whatever you choose, whatever personality you want of me, you're going to get the love and the understanding of your home and I’m going to embrace the collaboration with the new buyers or sellers, their ideas, and mixed in with my expertise of working with buyers and sellers over the years.”

David chats further with Palm Springs Life.

When did you come to Palm Springs, and what convinced you to move your business out here?

I came here in 2015. They needed David; they needed someone with a spark. They needed someone who was going to think outside the box. They needed someone that was going to be affordable and tangible. They needed someone that was absolutely in love with the energy that was coming into Palm Springs, who is buying Palm Springs, making Palm Springs affordable, and paying attention to the history. It was my chance and opportunity to bring the younger generation, the understanding of why Palm Springs was developed, why it was created, who was coming to Palm Springs back in the 1930s to the 1970s and really just showing my clients the appreciation of Palm Springs and glorifying the history of it. And I love to be over the top and chic, edgy, classy, classic, and there is a timeless energy that's here in this city. I'm here to revive it and make history.

Have you always been attracted to modern midcentury and minimalistic styles, and what was the appeal for you?

I do appreciate midcentury homes because, in my opinion, they have such a unique architectural design. The edges, exterior, interior, and, exterior design itself. So many different materials are used in the homes; the metals, the woods, the blocks, things of that nature really intrigued me because they are all in one home.

 What is the best part of your job?

Going to a variety of different projects every single day. My job is never boring; it is a fast-moving pace. I'm in constant, constant negotiation, development, creativity, I'm creating spaces in so many different areas. I'm never bored. I'm on a demo stage. I'm in a staging stage. I'm in a listing stage. I'm in a closing stage. And all of those are going to give you different feelings. My day revolves around creating.

If someone did want to follow in your footsteps, what are the first steps that they would need to do to start to build a career, or at least start to get into real estate and design?

My No. 1 thing would be to ask them what their passion is, if your passion is design or real estate, go for it. And, if it's one small aspect of design, let that be the seed. You will be enriched with happiness, and rich with money. (laughs) You'll never be bored in your craft. In real estate, having a personality and being able to multitask are critical. As an  interior designer, first, you have to think outside the box. Second, you have to take risks. And I think the minute we take risk, that sets us apart, that makes us individuals. You have to educate your clients. You have to listen and hone in on what their ideas are, then help them take their idea to the next level.

There's a lot of stress involved, but there's a lot of gratification. At the end of the day, in real estate and design, you're creating it. You're creating a future, you're creating a retirement, you're giving a lifetime gift to your clients that no other industry in this whole entire world will give them. I think that's the best advice I can give anybody that wants to get into the industry.

David, tell us about any new exciting projects…

I have an exciting new project with Trixie Matel here in Palm Springs. I’m so excited and overwhelmed with gratitude to be chosen as project manager for this overhaul. It’s a charming boutique hotel so its important to keep the originality and bring out some modern features. Davidriosdesigns will be wearing many hats on this project. My expertise and knowledge of interior design, and flipping homes sealed the deal so to speak. Our team will be be coordinating contractors, subcontractors, designers, and all labor.

Trixie Matel and partner David Sliver purchased the former Coral Sands hotel, tucked away in old Vista las Palmas. Trixie Matel, and director David Silver, along with the Scott Brothers entertainment, will document the project and the first season to be featured on discovery plus.

I look forward to making this hotel a statement piece here in Palm Springs. We invite you to share our project with everyone you know. Our dream is for others  round the world to share in the uniqueness & talents that only davidriosdesigns & Trixie Matel possess.

The hotel should be completed around the beginning of 2022.

For more information on David Rios, visit davidriosdesigns.com.