Desert Family Medical Center Partnership Offers Expanded Resources for Patients

Primary care physician Erik G. Palmer, D.O., partners with Desert Oasis Healthcare to provide a broad spectrum of services.

August 2, 2023
Story by Site Staff
Just a few of the great DOHC staff members who help support Desert Family Medical Center.

Just a few of the great DOHC staff members who help support Desert Family Medical Center.

Navigating the healthcare system doesn’t have to be hard.

Great healthcare begins with choosing a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who understands your particular set of needs … and then provides all of those resources and more. That PCP should be the key to your optimal medical care and your guide over the hurdles the healthcare system seems to throw in your way.

The right PCP will help you be at your physical and emotional best. The right PCP needs to be the “captain” of your patient care team — directing all the other team players dedicated to managing your primary medical needs.

Your PCP and your patient care team should diagnose your conditions, ensure you’re on the proper medications that work with others you may be taking, provide regular wellness checks, and offer the necessary health education for your specific set of medical conditions. As necessary, your PCP should monitor your mental health status, facilitate referrals to specialists, confer with your hospitalist if you need around-the-clock care, and help you with life planning documents such as advance directives.

Choose the right PCP with the right patient care team support!

Erik G. Palmer, DO, is a primary care physician who has been practicing in Palm Springs for 22 years. While in private practice as Desert Family Medical Center, Dr. Palmer’s office has the resources of a major medical group, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC.) DOHC helps Dr. Palmer provide the best possible full spectrum of healthcare. With DOHC conveniently located across from Palm Springs International Airport and next to Palm Springs City Hall, Dr. Palmer’s patients always have easy access to DOHC staff and services.

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Dr. Erik G. Palmer

“We’re proud to have formed this partnership with Dr. Palmer’s office because we know he and his staff are committed to the best possible care for his patients,” says Marc Hoffing, M.D., MPH, and medical director of Desert Oasis Healthcare. “We will continue to do all we can to make sure he has the resources he needs.”

Formed in 1981, Desert Oasis Healthcare is one of the first medical groups in the desert communities of southern California. Today, DOHC continues to advance with changes in the healthcare market. DOHC provides primary and immediate care, home health, palliative care, and other services to more than 60,000 members living in the greater Coachella Valley and the Morongo Basin of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The multidisciplinary, comprehensive care programs of DOHC are committed to educating individuals on preventive health care in their daily lives, reflected in the DOHC motto, “Your Health. Your Life. Our Passion.” For more information, visit

A partnership that focuses on YOUR healthcare needs!

This partnership with DOHC is the perfect merger of Dr. Palmer’s individual focus on your primary care with the greater resources of a large and respected medical group. Find out for yourself why Dr. Palmer’s patients feel they have the full spectrum of healthcare resources they need at Desert Family Medical Center.

The definitive diagnosis of a primary care physician like Dr. Palmer is the key to the right management of your illnesses and maintenance of good health. He and Desert Family Medical Center have provided a support system through DOHC to assure all your other healthcare needs are met as well. “I encourage all of my patients to fully participate in their own care,” Dr. Palmer says. “With the resources of my office, combined with those at DOHC, you’ve got an entire spectrum of services at your disposal. I invite you to experience the difference this kind of care can make in your life.” To learn more, visit

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