Faux Fur Ball II – Puttin' on the Leash

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The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter really put on the ritz, or the “leash” as they subtitled their fundraiser, “Faux Fur Ball II – Puttin’ On the Leash,” on Oct. 24.

The event honored comedienne JoAnne Worley, known for her outrageous laugh and spot on the 1970s variety show Laugh In, with the inaugural “Friend for Life” Award. Worley is president of Actors and Others for Animals. Event hosts were Brian Wanzek and Dan Ball.

Lulu California Bistro catered the event, which started with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the main reception and patio areas of the Shelter before moving outside. The entire shelter was open for viewing. Various four-legged ones were wandering with shelter volunteers during cocktails, advocating for their forever homes.

Platinum sponsors for the event were Harold Matzner, Freda A. Joegensen, Shawn Savage and Momentous Events. Gold Sponsors were Karen & Tony Barone (whose statues were spied outside), Lisa Blodgett and Abby and Holger Seidel.

The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter support the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, “dedicated to building a community responsible for pet stewardship and humane treatment of animals.” This municipal shelter maintains a 95 percent “no kill” rate.


Kathleen O’Malley and Sam Dureas.


(From left) Alex Rueda, Marta Rueda and Carl Johnson.


(From left) Kelly Erwin and Patty Shenker with Mark and Jane Garrisone.


(From left) Gael Whetstone with Christina and Manny Guerra.


(From left) Karen Barone, Tamara Hedges and Tony Barone.


Alex Joseph and John Jennings.


(From left) Richard and Kiza Hilton, Ginny Foat, Patt Savastano with Angelo, and Barbara Lampert.


Marlee Winston and Dr. Stephen Krupey.


Dr. Steve Curtis (left) and Will Colvin.


(From left) Felicity Binkow, Joe McDonough, and Gayle Hodges.




Dr. Andrew Harker, treasurer; donor Hugh Donaldson, and Executive Director Stephen Boyd.

(From left) Josiah Tubbs, Sidi Henne, and Hillary.

JoAnne Worley, Dick Taylor.

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