How Trumped is Our Valley?

Some people love him for the state of the economy and hard line on immigration, while others hate him for creating a climate of divisiveness and fear. But no one in the Coachella Valley is without an opinion about the 45th U.S. president.

Kent Black Current PSL, LGBT, Social Scene

Palm Springs Life assembled a range of opinions on President Donald Trump regarding legislation and other policy decisions important to the desert.

persimmon bistro

Persimmon Bistro Ribbon Cutting at the Palm Springs Art Museum

Maya Jimenez Current Digital, Social Scene

Attending were Vasquez’s friends, family, and associates, including Palm Springs Art Museum Director Louis Grachos, CEO Mark Prior, Board Chairman Steve Maloney, and Board Member Nelda Linsk. Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon officiated the ceremony. Inside the restaurant and the adjacent sculpture garden, guests enjoyed hosted cocktails and a sampling of the new menu that is focused on what Vasquez