Filsinger Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert Unveils Tracy Helgeson latest work – Mar. 4, 2016

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Tracy Helgeson, known for her particularly detailed and 'richness' in colors of "bucolic landscapes," unveiled her latest work on March 4 at Filsinger Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert.

More than 350 attended the reception and exhibition.

Helgeson says her images "more accurately express my feelings about how and what I see."

"It is my intent is to capture an evocative feeling and an essence of the landscape or structure that I feel a connection to," she says. "The spaces and scenes that I choose usually have a basis in reality, but I often alter composition, color and light."

The exhibition will be on display throughout March. Helgeson is a permanent artist on display at Filsinger Fine Art Gallery.

Filsinger Fine Art Gallery
73-111 El Paseo Dr., Ste. 107, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Photography By Loretta Vlach