Five Designers At Home

How do designers live behind closed doors? With big ideas and the rooms to show them off.

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Portraits by David Blank

Bill Miller wants a country cabin. Naomi Kobrin wants a trip to the untamed parts of Africa. Dann Foley is always on the lookout for the perfect living room rug. It’s not even Christmas, but designers — who have seen just about everything and who can procure almost any of it at a significant discount — have their own personal wish lists and desires for the next new thing. Their choices are finely edited, their eye impeccable. Maybe that’s why their homes are so layered with taste and personality, each item and its placement so intriguing.

Walking through the front door of an interior designer’s house holds all the thrill of peeking into a chef’s kitchen or a fashionista’s closet. The suspense of what lies inside can be intoxicating.

Meet five sensational designers who let us into their world — and their homes — to see, touch, smell their favorite things and to tell us how their most private retreats reflect what they do on a grander scale for their discriminating clientele both in the desert and farther afield. Each resides in a self-expressed environment he or she absolutely loves, and their passion for personalization is often what their clients appreciate most.

Bill Miller

Vance Burke

Linda Baxter

Dann Foley

Naomi Kobrin



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