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Palm Springs: The Hotbed of Midcentury Moderism.

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Photography by Joseph Pellegrini/courtesy the Beat Hotel

With all the recent attention paid to Palm Springs’ midcentury modern style in books, magazine photo shoots, commercials, and movies, you might think that most of the city’s architecturally significant buildings have been acknowledged and renovated.
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If these walls could talk, what would they be saying? I can’t help wondering that as I wait to meet the new owner of the Frank Sinatra compound in Rancho Mirage. Over the years, I’d heard stories about the wild parties held here; the famous houseguests, the goings-on. I can only wonder about the opulence inside.
Get this and More Modern from the Palm Springs Life Archives.

Steven Lowe had been working on The Beat Hotel for a couple of years when I met him. … My immediate impression of Steven — an impression that never dissipated — was that he was extremely intelligent, fascinating, and passionate.
Read more and view a photo gallery of the Desert Hot Springs Motel and Beat Hotel.

Postcards from the Edge of a Modernist Universe
From the collection of Palm Spring Modern Committee founder Peter Moruzzi.

Modernism at the Palm Springs Historical Society

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