Rock ’n’ roll Mastermind

Chris Daughtry’s commanding vocals may have propelled his fiery rock ’n’ roll career, but now the American Idol alum and his band are torchbearers for a music genre in flux.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment, Current Digital

Chris Daughtry found his star soaring during his appearance on the fifth season of American Idol, but he has not burned out by finding himself and staying true to his music.


Innovators, Creators Sought for Arts Tank Greater Palm Springs

Like the TV show Shark Tank, program invites creative people and organizations to pitch big-impact ideas to win valuable support.

Steven Biller Arts & Entertainment

California Desert Arts Council has opened applications for Arts Tank Greater Palm Springs, a program inviting people and organizations to pitch big-impact ideas to win valuable support.


Growing Up Gay

Winston Gieseke Arts & Entertainment, Current PSL

White Party Palm Springs, begun in 1989 by Jeffrey Sanker, has evolved from a “fly-in party” to the mack-daddy of what are now called circuit parties. And the city has grown up alongside it.


Shakti Fest Sets up Camp in May

Yoga, song, dance, seminars, and workshop bring spiritual community together in Joshua Tree.

Ashley Breeding Arts & Entertainment, Current Guide

The ninth annual Shakti Fest sets up camp May 10–14 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center featuring yoga, song, dance, seminars, and workshops.



Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, takes on Indio’s Fantasia Comic Con.

GREG ARCHER Arts & Entertainment

Middle-age may be creeping up on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but co-creator Kevin Eastman will talk about why it still has plenty of spunk and popularity at Indio’s Fantasia Comic Con.


Women and Weed

A new documentary screened in Palm Springs sheds light on the “Puffragettes” of the cannabis industry.

Sean Planck Arts & Entertainment

With the screening of Mary Janes: The Women of Weed at the recent Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit, filmmaker Windy Borman sheds light on the “Puffragettes” of the cannabis industry.


Pop on Over

‘Warhol in the Park’ has its final event May 6 in Coachella.

JIM POWERS Arts & Entertainment

“Warhol in the Park,” a valley-wide arts and education community engagement that introduces youth to pop artist Andy Warhol, will conduct its final event May 6 in Coachella.