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There’s no way around it: Building a true commercial kitchen inside a residential one is a major undertaking.

To enjoy a home kitchen with that professional kitchen look — minus all of the blowers, gas lines, and fire suppression systems — follow these pointers by commercial kitchen designer Ken Relethford of Orness Design Group.

1 Start with a good hood.
A custom fabricated hood sets the stage for a gourmet kitchen. Consider a stainless steel diamond-plate hood for the industrial look, or a hammered copper one for more of a Tuscan feel. Relethford often chooses a hood from Crown Steel Manufacturing in San Marcos for his kitchens.

2 Make it metal for the backsplash.
A wall of stainless steel gives the kitchen a commercial boost that tile won’t. There are many styles and textures from which to choose.

3 Buy top-of-the-line appliances.
You don’t need a restaurant-grade fridge to accomplish commercial-kitchen style. Relethford likes Sub-Zero refrigerators, Viking and Wolf stoves, and deep fryers by Gagganau.

4 Stainless steel countertops: only for purists.
“It won’t melt and you can set a hot pot on it. But with a stainless steel countertop, scratches are an issue,” Relethford says. If you like the look, be ready to put up with the scratches. A dull finish or random grain will help it look broken in faster. As an alternative, perfectionists may want to consider terrazzo, granite, travertine, or even trendy concrete as an alternative.

5 Don’t neglect the bar.
An ice maker, professional beer taps, cooler, dishwasher drawer, and professional equipment will make your liquor even slicker. Orness Design Group is master of the cocktail area, blender station, and outdoor tiki bar with barbecue. “We know the equipment specs,” Reletheford says. “So when someone comes to us wanting part of their home to look like their favorite bar,” their team knows how to achieve it.

6 Details make a difference.
Once you’ve taken care of the major appliances, fill in the blanks with an espresso station, margarita blender, an island sink, pot filler on the stove, warming drawers, a wine chiller, or a fancy dishwasher — all of which go a long way toward personalizing your kitchen for both day-to-day and entertaining needs. Go the distance by stocking your kitchen with essential and exotic spices, oils, and vinegars; chef’s-quality cookware; high-tech gadgets; and a library of favorite cookbooks.

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