ingebord sofa

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ingebord sofa

The Ingeborg Sofa

Soft Landings.

Cozy, nubby, and right in step with 
the sherpa furniture trend.

Don’t be fooled by the au courant nature of this sheepskin upholstery duo. The Ingeborg Sofa and My Own Chair were originally designed by modernist Danish architect Flemming Lassen in 1940 and 1938 respectively. From the sofa’s curvy armrests and buttoned back to the chair’s enveloping head rest, the handsome details from every angle allow flexible placement in any space.

This is a Faucet.

Kohler elevates kitchen functionality with an intrepid ceiling mount.

Seven feet of swivel, spray, and aerated stream allow long-range freedom never before experienced by home chefs. Suspended 
over an island sink, the Purist Suspend faucet in Vibrant 
Brushed Moderne Brass has the bright, gleaming jewelry effect of a chandelier with the impressive reach to fill pots on the stove or water a potted plant on the floor.

A Look of Relief.
at allred collaborative

Lava stone tile stands out in a pattern 
of rings and rounds.

Fight the urge to live with another flat wall. The bold relief of these tiles by Nerosicilia enhance the expressiveness of lava stone 
and the effect of light and shadow. Their interplay of solid and void lets the eye get lost for a moment of pure admiration. 
And their circular forms have the power to evoke introspection as a soothing representation of the eternal.

Light In Flight.

Sculpture meets illumination in 
a bird as tall as a tree.

Brought to life by Spanish designer Isidro Ferrer for LZF, the delicate-looking wooden “Big Bird” pendant comes in two soaring sizes, the largest which looms a full 8 feet tall. Cavernous spaces light up the looks on faces when this avian creature hangs above. 
He emits a warm, welcoming glow from within while carrying a luminous orb from his giant beak.

Fluent in Italian.
at fig + nash

A gleaming treasure chest inspired by the 
handwoven metal lacework of Milan.

The Milanese Brass Chest by Baker Luxe is individually hand-carved by skilled artisans. Once wrapped in sheets of brass, a subtle scratch pattern is applied under a protective topcoat. The result 
crosses over a range of design genres with an inviting appeal that is both fashion-forward and casually elegant.

Drip is Hip.

Scientific design serves fresh coffee on cue.

Rise and caffeinate with the Barisieur Coffee Machine Alarm Clock. What looks like a laboratory is an automatic tea and coffee 
brewer for bedroom or office. Let it wake you with a 
java aroma or prepare a fresh cup as you walk into work.

Took the Edge Off.
at modern hacienda

Angled corners welcome your full attention.

The Eton Buffet from the Black Label Collection by Jimeco has less edge and more luxe due to its sophisticated shape combined with luxurious materials and fine craftsmanship. The second-generation furniture design/manufacturer from Bogota, Columbia emboldened this piece with a powerful presence designed to stand the test 
of time. Shown here in a case made of grey oak with bronze leaf details, it features hand-pieced goatskin doors in a light matte finish.

Pick the Flowers.
fliepaper by don flood

Scale runs wild in a custom wallpaper installation.

A small room blooms with giant gardenias on a black backdrop at JC Studio in Cathedral City. The wallpaper by beauty and portrait photographer 
Don Flood even covers the ceiling. The FliePaper founder is a part-time desert resident whose design work often showcases native nature. “When you go custom, take a chance and push the envelope,” he says.

Entry or Dining?

Make the choice then hang these 
great balls of silver.

The imaginative Tears from Moon collection from Ilfari stacks colored, handmade glass balls in a bubbly composition that reads as whimsical or refined as its surroundings. LED candle-style up 
lights top a central bar that houses LED down lights for 
general illumination. Each is handmade, manufactured in Europe, and available in black, white, gold, or silver.