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Designed for a restaurant in Copenhagen, 
this Nordic dinnerware makes a serene statement for the ultimate winter tabletop

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Frosted windows, frozen landscapes, icy woolen mittens, and puffs of breath on crisp morning air. What winter in the Coachella Valley may lack in traditional experiences, these twice-fired, pressed stoneware dishes bring to the table.

Simple as a farmhouse, New Norm Dinnerware was developed by Norm Architects and Menu for their award-winning restaurant Höst in Copenhagen. Its commercial beginnings ensure restaurant-level quality that blends urban cool with rural hardiness. Colors conjure a wind-tossed sea or foggy walk through the woods, from White and Nude to Ocean, Smoke, and Latte.

The collection is part of the “New Nordic Design Meets Palm Springs” series of furnishings, accessories, and rugs at Pelago in the Uptown Design District. During a trip to Denmark and Sweden this summer, the owners, Bill Fidrych and Mark Wallaert, toured small companies for a close look at their designs.  Once these new relationships were forged, they stocked their shop with the most compelling finds.

“New Nordic is bringing Scandinavian and Danish works into the 21st century,” says Wallaert. “We loved how the new designs we saw there could mix into Palm Springs’ retro and contemporary looks.”

Over dinner at Höst, the owners were taken by the tableware’s hand-glazed variances in color and enrichments. “The pieces have been extremely well-received. Everyone has been interested not only in their appearance but also in the processes behind them.”

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