kadlec archtecture and design

Designed for Change

Light and shadow stage an unhurried show at this Palm Desert hideaway.

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kadlec archtecture and design

At KADLEC Architecture + Design, where I am founder and principal, we recently followed our long-time Chicago client to California to design their new modern home.

Natural light in the desert is intense and ever-changing. The play of light during the day can be harsh but dramatic; it requires control as it enters the interior. In this guest bedroom gallery space, a custom louvered system mounted on the exterior window wall filters direct light creating a geometric shadow pattern that changes throughout the day. In other areas of the home, an extended roof line provides protection from the sun’s rays while framing postcard-perfect mountain views.


Architecture and interior design join forces in a home that welcomes patterns of shadows.

Neutral white walls are the ideal backdrop for capturing the cool tones of daylight as well as the warmer light at dusk. Using a single paint color throughout the home provides an easy continuity between living spaces.

 Textured limestone floors and natural wood ceilings balance the crisp white walls and complement the interior color palette, which is drawn directly from the landscape. Both architectural and furniture finishes and textures ground the home to its desert location. Expansive views and natural light move through the home’s interior, further blurring the distinction between inside and outside.

Interior design:
KADLEC Architecture + Design
Architect: o2 Architecture
Builder: Stoker Construction