Stones and Roses

Inspired by nature, for use inside and out.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate


Which came first, the flower or the stone? Who cares when you’re referring to these knockouts by Kreoo. With its floral tile and pebble-shaped seating, the brand is fabricating modern pieces for the home that are as beautiful as the organic forms on which they’re based.

Kreoo’s Rose is made by Italian marble sculptors for use as floor tiles or three-dimensional wall applications. Indoors or out, the commanding scale emphasizes the unfurling lines of the rose petals. “We love the Rose marble tile first for its beauty,” says David Dunn, co-owner of PS212, which represents Kreoo exclusively in the desert. “The abstract rose pattern is a piece of art, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. It is a gorgeous pattern in an unexpected material.”

Equally unexpected are dual-material stools that look like a giant has been stacking stones around your pool or in your living room. Whether or not you believe rock balancing is an art form, the Pavè Stone collection in three sizes and various natural colors invites you to sit and ponder. Kreoo tops the marble base with a wooden seat in bleached or aged larch.

Dunn says customers constantly stop in their tracks to sit on one, remarking on their functional beauty. “They are pieces of sculpture that double as very comfortable stools — a very simple, innovative design using natural materials.” And one that feels as old as time itself.