Make Your Mark

Assert your style in spaces where you and guests kick back for comfort

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Whether you live to dine or dine to live, your living and dining rooms should be comfortable yet statement-making. These rooms are the heart of your home and should showcase your finest pieces — the parts of you that you want to share with all who visit.

Have a Nice Clay Designs in the Alex Marshall Pottery collection of dinnerware and ceramics — from square stacking plates and chunky, spherical vases to modern teapots and repeating-form lamps — are compelling in their individuality and artistic imperfections. To hold one brings an instant childhood memory of squeezing cold, malleable clay between your fingers — filled with the possibility of all you could create. Marshall layers signature glazes in earthy colors; and each piece is lead-free, microwaveable, dishwasher-safe, and can be warmed in the oven. (Prices vary.) Moller’s Garden Center, 72235 Painter’s Path, Palm Desert; 346-9415.

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