michelle boudreau design

Abstract Storytelling

Designer Michelle Boudreau packs story, emotion, and adventure into a French-infused Palm Springs vacation home.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

michelle boudreau design
With an education in fine art and a former career in creative direction and visual merchandising for boutiques, Michelle Boudreau seeks to bring artful, abstract, even surreal elements to her projects while crafting a consistent storyline. She soaked up the art and culture scenes while living in London and San Francisco before launching Michelle Boudreau Design in Los Angeles.

Now, with her architect husband, she is based full-time in Palm Springs, where she has opened a design studio. It’s a place to meet with clients, explore ideas with her team, and develop a retail aspect in line with her vibe.

Rare is the interior designer you can get to know merely by reading the “About” tab on her website. Boudreau is a little different that way.

“I am passionate about creating environments that tell a visual story and take you on an emotional journey or fun adventure,” she assures prospective clients to the site. For this project in Vista Las Palmas, Boudreau harnessed every ounce of that passion and executed as promised.


“The holistic storyline through the property started with the clients, who are French-American. My background is French also, and I was inspired by my travels through coastal Europe and France, particularly the color palette. I like a repetition of shapes, and the circles put a modern twist on a porthole without feeling too naval. As the centerpoint of the open living area, a custom three-dimensional art piece pulls the colors and shapes together, juxtaposed with linear elements like wood-slat wall treatments backed by brass.”


“This is a vacation home for them, and they love the ocean, the sea, and the colors of the water. They love art, with which they were very involved, and a European-inspired abstractness that is not common to our culture. From tropical-print dining chairs to French-Moroccan blue hues and Scandinavian shapes, we’re taking them on a journey. Our custom lighting, the jewelry of the home, helps form the mood of each space. To connect with the emotion, music is an important part of my process. For this project, I made a Côte d’Azur playlist.”


“I’m always looking to create something new, different, and unexpected that will surprise and delight with character and personality, all in a place that feels peaceful and restful. The clients are really fun and the bubble chairs, where they read, nod to the 1960s era of the home. While the swings are playful, their leather chair pads and pink velvet pillows paired with a shearling ottoman make them more sophisticated.”