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Finders Keepers

3 tips from a savvy Palm Springs midcentury couple on how to shop at the Modernism Show & Sale during Modernism Week.

Sandy Cohen Current Guide, Modernism

gand band
Joan and Gary Gand make their home in Palm Springs during the winter..

Gary and Joan Gand came to Palm Springs to furnish their midcentury Chicago home and ended up with such a vast collection of pieces that they bought a house here, too. Make the most of the Modernism Show & Sale from Feb. 14–17 with their advice. Follow them on Instagram (@gandband_).

Pick Your Palette

“There’s so much great stuff, it’s easy to go crazy. It’s really important to decide on your look and your color scheme before you get there: Are you going to go with reds and oranges or blues and greens? That’s a way to limit yourself from buying too much cool stuff that doesn’t go together.”

Start Small

“If you like to collect, start with pottery, ceramics, or glass. Try to find things that have a central theme. We kept running into these great little ceramic owls from all over the world, and they weren’t expensive. You buy a dozen of them and put them together. They’re a little family, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Price It Right

“Back in the day, when we started collecting, there were so few dealers on the internet, it was really difficult to find a good price. It’s easy now because you can check 1stdibs and eBay, and come up with your own value.”

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