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There's a Fatboy in the living room!

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Photography by David Blank

Growing up, my brother and I each had a shiny vinyl beanbag that we would pull close to the television and lie back as we stuffed ourselves with popcorn and watched the Sunday-night movie of the week. We’ve since grown up, and so have beanbags, as evidenced by the popularity of the Fatboy line of polystyrene bead-filled furniture. While lovable Mugsy models it here, the lounge chairs are undeniably fit for discriminating adults. They revisit the nostalgia of curling up on a chair that molds to your every move yet is stylish enough to stay on display for company. The original Fatboy (55 x 70 inches), shown here, comes in 15 colors, including camouflage print plus three bold patterns by Marimekko. Other versions include Junior (for tykes), Doggielounge, Catbag, and Outdoor. Living with a Fatboy turns out to be a very comfortable existence.

Information: Interior Illusions, 830 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, 325-0300.


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