Palm Springs Among New Couples' Top 10 Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend

Dating site surveys new couples' travel plans for long weekend

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Palm Springs is considered a major resort destination for new couples traveling during Memorial Day weekend.
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Palm Springs will be the seventh most popular destination for new couples when Memorial Day weekend rolls around in two weeks, according to the dating site,

Ocean City, MD took home the top spot. This popular beach town is filled with restaurants, bars, and inns, all on the water. Other travel spots on the list are major resort destinations, patriotic venues, or small beach-front towns.

The site used an internal polling system to ask 3,254 men and women. Participants were asked to rank their top 10 places to travel this Memorial Day from a list of 40 U.S. cities.The site then compiled a list of the top 10 spots for couples to travel on Memorial Day.

Top Travel Spots for Couples on Memorial Day
1.    Ocean City, MD
2.    Austin, TX
3.    Long Beach Island, NJ
4.    Washington, D.C.
5.    St. Louis, MO
6.    Hilton Head Island, SC
7.    Palm Springs, CA
8.    Providence, RI
9.    Las Vegas, NV
10.   San Diego, CA


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