Julian Voss-Andeae sculptures at Hohmann gallery.

See “Quantum Sculptures” by Julian Voss-Andreae at Hohmann Gallery

Leave it to a former quantum physicist to create sculptures that seem to disappear.

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Julian Voss-Andeae sculptures at Hohmann gallery.

Julian Voss-Andeae sculptures at Hohmann, an art gallery in Palm Desert.

The German quantum physicist–turned–Portland, Oregon–based artist known for his “disappearing ” sculptures — including “Isabelle” outside the Kimpton Rowan hotel in downtown Palm Springs — is the subject of a solo exhibition from March 18 to April 20 at Hohmann in Palm Desert.

Voss-Andreae conceived of the “disappearing” concept while imagining himself in the place of the largest particle in his graduate research. “Just like the internal oscillatory energy of the particle, first described by Planck and Einstein, gives rise to the wave function of quantum physics, [Voss-Andreae] envisioned the rhythmic motion of the human gait giving rise to the same mathematical structure,” the gallery describes. “Visualizing the wave fronts of the wave func- tion as evenly spaced, parallel slabs of steel, the idea for his ‘light wave beings,’ or ‘disappearing sculptures,’ was born.”

The artist uses marine grade stainless steel, which he describes as the most industrial and cold material in art, to depict the soft and warm human form. Incidentally, Voss-Andreae recently posted a cell phone video on Instagram of a new sculpture of an astronaut, and it clocked more than 90 million views and ballooned his following from 20,000 to more than 180,000. Hohmann, which is producing a catalog and a documentary film for Voss Andreae, will show the astronaut in the exhibition, Quantum Sculptures.

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“Isabelle,” located outside the Kimpton Rowan hotel in Palm Springs.