Dann Foley Lifestyle butterfly painting.

Shop Mix-Century Modern Furnishing With Dann Foley at Revivals

During Modernism Week, on Feb. 24, head to Revivals Palm Springs for a moderated discussion with designers Dann Foley and Beau Stinnette.

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Dann Foley Lifestyle butterfly painting.

Dann Foley Lifestyle butterfly painting.

Award-winning interior design duo Dann Foley and Beau Stinnette bring their signature style to Revivals Palm Springs with the launch of the Dann Foley Lifestyle pop-up shop. The collaboration showcases the seamless integration of new and pre-loved furnishings, offering a special glimpse into the art of transitional design, the innovative décor approach that combines old and new, traditional and modern. At its best, this philosophical mélange balances masculine and feminine, bold and soft, and classic and current details to create a beautiful and comfortable space.

The kickoff Feb. 24 at 11 a.m. presents an opportunity for design enthusiasts visiting Palm Springs for Modernism Week to see Foley and Stinnette, renowned for their expertise in combining old and new elements, take center stage. Steven Henke, DAP Health’s chief of brand marketing, will moderate a conversation with Foley and Stinnette where attendees can expect to glean expert tips on harmonizing diverse pieces to create a cohesive, personalized home aesthetic.

Henke is excited to collaborate with Foley and Stinnette. “Their approach to design mirrors what we’ve learned from Revivals shoppers,” he says. “DIY designers know that the key to successful design lies in finding a unifying element, balancing styles, layering textures, and infusing a personal touch. We hope to inspire attendees to blend pre-loved treasures with new furnishings, unlocking the transformative power of transitional design while creating spaces that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles.”

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Dann Foley.

At the heart of this immersive experience lies a meticulously curated selection of furnishings and accessories carefully designed by Dann Foley and integrated with pre-loved finds from Revivals. The collection exudes a captivating blend of sophistication and modernity, catering to a diverse array of design preferences.

“Personalize the old and the new,” Foley suggests. “Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking everything must be thrown out and replaced. Keep what works, donate what doesn’t. If everything is new — and something old, with character and some history — is needed, then go out and get it.”

Revivals Palm Springs serves as the perfect backdrop for this design journey. With its custom selection of Mode furniture and commitment to supporting DAP Health through every purchase, Revivals offers shoppers the opportunity to elevate their homes and contribute to a worthy cause.

“Revivals is the perfect store to find those personality pieces,” Stinnette says, “and to practice the Foley and Stinnette theory of transitional design. Go in with an open mind. Look at everything and anything that speaks to you and know you can use it however you want. It’s always good to start with your big pieces, and it’s best to keep those items in neutrals, or colors you’ll never tire of.”

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Beau Stinnette. 

Avoid worrying about trends, Foley advises. “Take what you want from current designs and mix them to your taste.”

Henke adds, “With the combination of existing pre-loved items and new Mode and Dann Foley Lifestyle pieces on display within the pop-up store, we will provide a space where customers can clearly see that it’s all in the mix, and that Revivals is the go-to place to flex your transitional design muscles.”

One highlight of the Feb. 24 event will be the opportunity for the first 40 shoppers who buy or order from the Dann Foley Lifestyle collection to receive a complimentary copy of Foley’s latest coffee table book, It’s All in the Mix: Design Ideas for Living Well. This hefty resource will inspire aspiring decorators with its blend of stunning visuals and practical advice drawn from Foley’s 30-plus years of experience in the industry.

Dann Foley Lifestyle Chinese-Style Wooden Boxes, available in three finishes.

 Dann Foley Lifestyle Chinese-style wooden boxes, available in three finishes. 

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or embarking on your first design project, the Dann Foley Lifestyle pop-up shop at Revivals Palm Springs promises an immersive experience that celebrates creativity, style, and community impact. DIY décor enthusiasts are invited to join Foley and Stinnette on Feb. 24 for an inspiring exploration of design that can transform your living spaces into reflections of your distinct taste and personality.

The Dann Foley Lifestyle pop-up store at Revivals Palm Springs opens Feb. 24 and runs through May 1, or as long as demand warrants.