‘Sunny’ Side of the Street

Singer and actress Sunny Thompson, known for her Marilyn Monroe character in "Marilyn Forever Blonde", will take her place on the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs.

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Sunny Thompson, known for portraying Marilyn Monroe on stage, will be honored by the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs.

Walk of the Stars Palm Springs will honor singer and actress Sunny Thompson with the 429th star oat 2 p.m. Feb. 22 at 105 S. Palm Canyon Drive. Thompson’s star is sponsored by Lipstick Productions. The star dedication ceremony is open to the public.

Thompson has performed to a Palm Springs audience for more than 20 years. Over the course of her career, Thompson has performed for audiences all over the world totaling more than one million tickets.

“Palm Springs has become my second home and over the past 20 years I have met so many wonderful friends here in the desert while working with people like Nancy Tapick of The Desert Symphony and Teddy Grouya of the American Documentary Film Festival,” Thompson says. “Performing at the Annenberg Theater and at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament years ago helped make me realize all the wonderful charitable work that is carried out year after year here in the desert. I am always happy to help out whenever I am in town.”

Thompson has played the role of Marilyn Monroe in “Marilyn Forever Blonde” all over the world for more than a decade.“

Twelve years ago, Lipstick Productions was a struggling theatrical production company until Thompson agreed to star in its one-woman play based on what might have been the last day in the life of Marilyn Monroe.

“Sunny made it a hit and gave us a 10 year, 700+ performance run,” says Dominique Alvarez, managing director of Lipstick Productions.

Thompson is credited for capturing Monroe more convincingly than any actress to date. As Monroe’s close friend and confident, fashion designer, Mr. Blackwell – who received his star on Palm Canyon in 1997 – once said after one of Sunny’s performances, “Nobody gets Marilyn’s softness, but you got it!”

For more information on the Walk of the Stars Palm Springs, call the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce at 760-325-1577.