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The Coachella Valley Dentist Voted Top Dentist for 17 Years

Learn what makes this one of the leading general, implant, and cosmetic dental studios in the desert.

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An illustration of a tooth and dental tools.


For more than 27 years, Dr. René Dell’Acqua has been enhancing the smiles and lives of patients throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond, providing both general and cosmetic dentistry. Her partner, Dr. Junho Choi has now been with her for over a year and has already been selected as one of America’s top dentists, a distinct honor in the dental profession.

Dr. Dell’Acqua and Dr. Choi believe in providing a personalized, caring environment where each patient is a VIP and excellent customer service, comfortable furnishings, soothing music, and comprehensive care all combine to reduce patient stress during treatment. The entire staff is warm and welcoming, giving the feeling of an old fashioned, relationship-based practice.

“We enjoy getting to know all of our patients,” say Dr. Choi and Dr. Dell’Acqua. 

Although well known for their expertise and artistry in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Dell’Acqua and Dr. Choi treat patients for a multitude of dental concerns from preventative exams, cleanings, and teeth whitening to implant supported crowns, full mouth reconstruction, veneers, crowns, tooth colored fillings, bonding, botox, root canals, periodontal treatment, and sleep apnea devices.  Dell’Acqua Dental Studio is also a provider for Invisalign, the orthodontic tooth movement system that is virtually invisible.

The doctors talk at length with their patients, explaining procedures and recommendations, and ensuring the patient feels confident and calm at every step. Questions are encouraged so that patients fully understand their treatment.

Patients with dental fear and anxiety may even choose to sleep through procedures with the oral conscious sedation option. “With our current sedation technology, there is no reason for any patient to have to feel fear or anxiety during a dental appointment,” Dell’Acqua says.  Both Dr. Choi and Dr. Dell’Acqua hold state certification on oral conscious sedation and will help you to make your visit a comfortable one.

Not only has Dr. Dell’Acqua been in the same location for 27 years, much of her team has been with her throughout the entirety of her career.  “It is because of my loyal, hardworking team that we are able to seamlessly care for patients at such a high level,” says Dell’Acqua.  “Our team is the best trained that I have ever worked with and certainly make it easier for me to deliver the high level of care that I demand from myself and for my patients,” Dr. Choi says.

Dr. Dell’Acqua is the valley’s leading expert on smile makeovers using porcelain crowns and veneers.  She is known for designing beautiful new smiles so natural that even patient’s closest friends aren’t able to identify them as porcelain crowns and veneers.  It is this innate artistic ability and renowned technical skill that has made her a leader in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. Dr. Choi was selected among many candidates, after a three-year search, to join her practice due to his impeccable eye for esthetics, gentle technique, and execution of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

It takes artistic talent, a critical eye for beauty, and years of experience with hundreds of smiles to achieve the natural “Dell’Acqua smile.” And now, both Dr. Dell’Acqua and Dr. Choi can give you the smile of your dreams with a smile makeover.

“We customize each smile design to meet  the needs and desires of each individual patient,” Dr. Choi explains.  “I chose to become a partner in this office because Dr. Dell’Acqua’s philosophy of patient care, and her exemplary standards of care coupled with her expert level of cosmetic dentistry, matched with mine. We make a great team.”

“When we see a patient for cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry, we not only carefully listen to what they say, we also watch their facial movement and facial composition, their personality, and the shape of their mouth and teeth. We figure out how to shape and sculpt their smile by looking at the overall picture. We then design the shape of the teeth ourselves.” 

“The knowledge that comes from doing complex cosmetic, reconstructive, and implant cases daily is the difference between success and failure,” Dell’Acqua says. “The artistic part is our signature and our gift.”

“Our strict protocols and philosophy ensure our patients receive the highest quality of dentistry available,” she says. “With an uncompromised level of care in a serene atmosphere, we offer patients state of the art technology that prioritizes patient safety, privacy and satisfaction.” 

Spending significant time on continuing education courses, Dr. Dell’Acqua and Dr. Choi  keep abreast of all new procedures, materials, and technology.  “We will only implement procedures, techniques, and materials that we would want in our mouth or our family’s mouths.”

Dell’Acqua Dental Studio has a dedicated new patient coordinator because every patient has unique needs and the team strives to meet them all.  Many patients have more than one residence as well as a dentist in another city or country.  The doctors will coordinate with other dental offices to ensure dental care is seamless.  When treatment is more complex, with specialist involvement and care, the team will coordinate all of your appointments and the doctors will keep treatment on track in a timely and efficient manner.

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René Dell’Acqua, DDS, and Junho Choi, DMD

Q&A with dr. René Dell’Acqua & DR. JUNHO CHOI

Q:  Do you also provide General Dentistry?
Yes we do! Our patients receive the highest level of general dentistry available. Our philosophy is one of prevention. We work hard to educate our patients and make suggestions before problems occur. Every patient receives a comprehensive examination and plan to keep their mouth healthy through preventative maintenance.

Q: What do you like best about what you do?
No two patients are alike. Each one presents with a different cosmetic and restorative need. We enjoy the challenge of creating a natural smile that is unique to the person in front of us. We sculpt the shapes of the final veneers and crowns ourselves. It is art and we love it!

Q:  Do you consider your work to be mostly artistic?
Function is always the key to the success of a case. We have patients who have severely worn and collapsed bites, missing teeth requiring implants, and a multitude of complicated scenarios. The technical aspect of dentistry is the key to the success of the case. The knowledge that comes from doing these cases daily is the difference between success and failure. The artistic part is our signature  and our gift.

Q:  What are the most common procedures you perform?
Crowns, implant supported crowns, veneers, and full mouth rehabilitation to correct an aging bite.

Q:  What got you interested in such complex dentistry?
Wanting to provide the best and most comprehensive care for our patients. To deliver this type of dentistry we have to be creative and dedicated to our patients each step of the way. For us this is a pleasure.

Q:  Do you do Botox treatments?
We found that so many patients need crowns and significant dentistry due to severe wear from grinding and that botox is an excellent choice to aid in quieting the muscles used to create the destructive forces.

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