House of Art

An art installation in downtown Indio provides five interretations of what is a house.

Leandra Romero Arts & Entertainment, Current Digital

Five different interpretations of what is a house can be seen as part of an art installation in downtown Indio through April.

What does the concept of a house mean to you?

You can find out how five Coachella Valley artists interpreted that concept in the installation, “The House That Art Built” through the month of April in downtown Indio.

“Who cannot relate to the concept of a house? They see the word house and they say, wait a second that’s not a house. No, that’s not a house, it’s a new idea of a house that’s what’s exciting about it,” says Bill Schinsky, executive director of the Coachella Valley Art Center which organized the installation.

VIDEO: View the Indio art installation with comments from two of the artists.

Each installation is distinctly different from the other, some are made out of steel, others out of wood and one, created by high-desert artist, Cathy Allen, is made out of everything. Allen says the elements she used to create her three-dimensional design were all symbols to a deeper message.

“We obviously have environmental problems,” Allen says. “The work is about the environmental concerns. Why do we produce so much waste? Why do we always want something new why can’t we reuse?”

This unique experience invites individuals to derive their own meaning from each piece and create dialogues between observers and works of art.

You can visit each of the installations until the end of April at these locations:

Delos Van Earl – Site 1: Near the southeast corner of Jackson Street and Requa Avenue

Marnie Navarro – Site 2: Near the southeast corner of Miles Avenue and Smurr Street

Tim Shockley – Site 3: east side of Oasis Street approximately 330 feet north of Bliss Avenue

Cathy Allen – Site 4: east side of Oasis Street approximately 250 feet north of Bliss Avenue

Chris Sanchez – Site 5: located near the northwest corner of Towne Street and Bliss Avenue


Chris Sanchez’s artwork of a house.