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Three’s a Charm

In the steamy new Palm Springs-based web series The Third, filmmaker Matt Lynn brings triad relationships right out of the closet and exposes the nuances when coupledom adds another significant other.

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the third dekkoo
Corey Page (left) and Ryland Shelton decide to have a third join their relationship in the Palm Springs-based web series, The Third.

If you think couplehood has its challenges, imagine the fate awaiting a triad. Or the love?

That’s the emotional coin toss that filmmaker and Palm Springs resident Matt Lynn hopes to convey in The Third, the bold new web series filmed in Palm Springs that has as much sex appeal as it does depth. Lynn seems to posit: Can an intimate three-person relationship offer deeper insight into one’s personal boundaries, and the ability and willingness to broaden one’s love for others?

Well, in fiction it plays out nicely, but look around. It’s nearly 2020. Chances are we may all know of people or have friends of friends who are in triads. Do they offer clues to even better inter-relational skills?

The Third is a show about surrogate families and the unexpected but deeply meaningful connections we make that enrich our lives,” Lynn explains. “Today, many people live in ‘non-traditional’ relationships. Deep down, we are all looking for somewhere to belong. My primary goal with this show is to bring these surrogate families to light.”

The Lowdown on the Series: Jason (Sean McBride) is a plucky 29-year-old gay man with an infectious smile and, to some extent, a deep longing and curiosity that befits rescuing. When Jason suddenly finds himself in a “triad” relationship with Carl and David (Corey Page and Ryland Shelton), life shifts dramatically. The established gay Palm Springs couple has decided one of the cures to their five-year marriage woes is having Jason move in. They each rise to the occasion — as it were — but this passionate three-way suddenly becomes riddled with skepticism, jealously, and secrets.

And enough dramatic twists to keep people invested.

Will these guys discover the true definition of love? Is there their new triangle “equilateral or isosceles,” as Lynn puts it?

Lynn shares more about triads and the impetus behind this unique web series with Palm Springs Life.


Corey Page as Carl with Sean McBride, who plays Jason.

Let’s talk about the inspiration behind The Third.

Well, it’s the fact that I was in a triad. Two, actually. I felt this was a really unique thing that more and more people were in, and I didn’t feel there was accurate representation of throuple relationships in the media. I lived in Palm Springs, and I wanted to showcase the beauty here and create a love letter to the town.

What made you choose Palm Springs for the setting of the webseries?

I chose Palm Springs for multiple reasons.  It is a beautiful place that doesn’t get enough attention on screen, for one. In the last three years living here it has become a place that allowed me to grow as a person and I wanted to give back in some way. The community of gay men is incredible and kind. So the show is a love letter to Palm Springs and for it being a gay mecca and such a wonderful paradise to live in.

What do you feel is one of the biggest misconceptions of triads or throuplehood?

That a lot of people think it’s all about sex. I would say absolutely not. One of the great things about being in a triad is that it feels like a family. The dynamic that you can feel love for two people at the same time and it’s totally safe and respected, that’s a beautiful thing. There’s an opportunity for a deeper connection than a “regular” dyad relationship.

Most people would admit that being coupled has its own challenges, but when you add another …

Well, triads absolutely take more work. But it comes down to open and honest communication and trust. You have to trust that the other two people, when they are not with you, have your best interest at heart. It’s hard to do with a lot of people. FOMO – fear of missing out – is a real thing. I know that when I left the last triad relationship that I was in, there was definitely some mental capacity that was gained, simply for the fact that I was not having to be in that relationship anymore. But, I will also say there’s a lot of benefits to being in a triad as well.

What was the most challenging thing about creating the series?

We wrote and shot the pilot, and pitched it around. Finally, Dekkoo was the one who was willing to give it a chance and funded the season. The hardest thing was getting somebody to think that this works as a show.


Matt Lynn

What do you hope people take away from the series?

The show never apologizes or explains itself. It just is. I feel that a lot of times with gay content, it’s like, “Oh, gay!” Or, “it’s this weird relationship thing.” I didn’t want to do that at all. It was just matter-of-fact. When you respect the audience, the audience respects the work. I wanted to make a show that could showcase this whole different concept for, like, somebody in Missouri who is in a nuclear family with a wife and two kids whose never heard of something like this. They can watch it and relate to the characters and empathize with a different type of lifestyle. Awareness is key. I want more gay content to exist and I want to step out there and make it.

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