massage app

There’s An App For That

A relaxing massage is now just a swipe away.

Marissa Willman Health & Wellness

massage app
Booking a home massage just became a lot easier.

A smartphone app called Soothe is the latest evolution in the on-demand business model, allowing users to book an at-home massage from a licensed therapist in as little as an hour.

“Getting the relaxation you seek isn’t something you want to wait around for,” says Soothe CEO and founder Merlin Kauffman, who expanded the service to the Coachella Valley last fall. “Palm Springs is representative of the leisurely lifestyle we aim to create.”

Now you can use the massage app to book an appointment on the way home from work or the tennis court, and Soothe users are guaranteed a qualified therapist, no matter the time frame.
Access Soothe via the app or website, and specify the type of massage treatment you’d like. The request is immediately forwarded to Soothe’s network of certified therapists, who then connect with the client.

A massage at home also guarantees an extended spa experience: “Sometimes you don’t want to battle with driving to the spa and back and lose that state of relaxation,” Kauffman says. “Sometimes you just want to roll over in your own bed.”

The massage app menu includes Deep-Tissue, Swedish, Sports, and Prenatal massages. Prices are fixed at $99 for 60 minutes, $139 for 90 minutes, $169 for 120 minutes, and they include 
tax and gratuity.