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Welcome, Matte

The latest color to the Vola fixture line is a complete lack of color, with texture filling in.

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vola bath

Chrome? Brass? Or muster the bravado to mix metals? The dilemma is enough to trigger sleepless nights in anyone embarking on a bathroom revamp. Vola has a solution.

It is the same solution the bath accessories manufacturer has offered since 1968 but with more options. Consider skipping the metallic hassle altogether and opting for made-in-Denmark quality by an enduring designer.

Several years after the Egg Chair hatched, Arne Jacobsen set out to produce a groundbreaking modern faucet. His first prototypes for Vola were in gray and orange. The collection of fixtures has since expanded to include 27 finishes, from vivid pink, grass green, and lemon yellow to matte black and now, textural matte white — with three metal finishes thrown in for the masses.

vola fixture

During more than 40 years of production, Vola has methodically released a range of finishes to their bath fixture line designed by Arne Jacobsen. New textured matte white stands out against concrete.

vola basin

Each new addition to the palette proves a weighty decision for Vola, made only after months of testing and review. The recent introduction of matte white is a minimalist departure for the line and from other offerings on the market. The company cites the finish’s versatility behind their choice, noting white’s “ability to be at once serene and commanding.” The flat, silky finish invites admirers to reach out and touch, without their fingerprints leaving a smudgy trace. As the final bonus of taking the matte white route, the finish won’t show water splashes following every use.

Because Vola has not changed any of the shades during 40-plus years of production, their faucets and bath fillers promise longevity. Some used in schemes in the 1970s are still being updated and refurbished today. Made only in Horsens, Denmark, Vola’s products carry an undeniable design heritage that continues to evolve, even in Southern California showrooms where Hastings Tile & Bath, the exclusive importer, lets their rainbow unfurl.