wedding jewelry

A Gift for Forever

Fine jewelry or an heirloom timepiece makes for an incredible keepsake when partners exchange gifts the night before the wedding.

Emily Chavous Foster Current Digital, Weddings

wedding jewelry

Tradition dictates that a partner gift exchange precedes the ceremony, typically the night before or morning of the big day. While this could be as simple and budget-friendly as a handwritten love note or a snack box filled with their favorite treats, fine jewelry or an heirloom timepiece makes for an incredible keepsake.

Discuss gifting parameters as a couple in advance to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to budget and wedding wearability. (Do you want them to wear this during the ceremony? Do they need something specific to complete their look?)

To get some advice on gift shopping — and other jewelry-related to-dos — we turn to diamond expert and custom jewelry designer Raju Mehta, owner of El Paseo Jewelers in Palm Desert.

Set a realistic budget: “Have a price in your mind, and remember you’re always going to spend more than that.”

Take a hint: “Find out what your significant other likes. A lot of people have no clue what the other person likes. Believe me, your significant other is always giving you hints. If you are buying something for yourself, make the choice yourself. Don’t let your partner push you toward something you don’t like.”

Keep it clean: “A few days before you get married, get the ring polished so the ring is clean and and looking beautiful. We offer that service free, whether or not you buy from us. We’ll deliver it back to you in three to four days.”

Deeper Meanings

Accessorize with precious materials
that represent your love.

Diamonds: The hardest stone imbues strength, love, power, and good health.
Gold: Drive, success, prosperity, and compassion permeate the yellow variety.
Silver: Said to stoke hope, tenderness, clarity, and unconditional love.
Pearl: This beautiful creation cultivates wisdom, integrity, calmness, and purity.
Ruby: The red stone brings good fortune, courage, passion, and enthusiasm.
Sapphire: Abundance, joy, trust, and patience are traits of the blue gem.
Emerald: Viridescence fosters growth, creativity, loyalty, and integrity.

harness your glow
wedding makeup

Although we shouldn’t need an excuse to carve out time for regular self-care, a looming wedding date often reminds us that our skin, our hair, our nails, and our overall well-being deserve some extra attention. Hair and makeup maven Jen Martens, owner of Jen Plus Colour, shares a few beauty-related tips.

Start this now: “Drink plenty of water leading up to the wedding day. If you haven’t already started receiving regular facials with a licensed aesthetician, book them now.”

Trial your look: “Communicate everything you’re thinking. Is the eyeshadow too dark? Are the lashes too big? Is the hair too flat? If you share a specific concern, we are better equipped to edit the look. Pictures are a great way to communicate. Point out specific areas that you like and don’t like.”

Hair styling: “When you see inspiration pics, look for folks with similar skin tones and similar hair texture — a lot of hair photos have extensions or padding. Don’t do any risky color changes too close to the wedding. Definitely get a trim.”

Wedding day schedule: “Most pros take 45 to 60 minutes per service. Keep in mind that there is setup and takedown.”

Words of wisdom: “Be yourself! The most common ‘advice’ I hear regarding wedding beauty is that you need to wear more makeup for photos. I am telling you now: You are allowed to wear as little makeup as you like. You will still look perfect. I promise.”

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