7 Wedding Trends for 2018

The party planner for the Parker Palm Springs spills the inside scoop on ice cream carts, Champagne fashion, and the best day to wed.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

As 2018 unfolds, catering/events director Randy Araiza at the Parker Palm Spring reveals seven 2018 wedding trends from drinks to menus to the day you pick to get hitched.

La Chureya Estate

Rustic Wedding Romance at a Spanish Villa

Betsy and Cyrus Marshall update the farmhouse-chic trend at La Chureya Estate in Palm Springs’ Vista Las Palmas neighborhood.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

These two creative types — he’s a video director, she’s a makeup artist — crafted a destination wedding with a dash of vintage flair for guests arriving from coast to coast. The little-known La Chureya Estate kept the party completely private on more than an acre of beautiful Vista Las Palmas land. The five-bedroom villa’s authentic Spanish architecture provided a

wedding couples

Real Weddings

Meet 10 couples who celebrated their unique 
styles at outstanding venues.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

An unexpected downpour added to the striking contrasts of this ultra-modern bash. Fiercely stylish and nontraditional, the couple delivered umbrellas to guests’ rooms and outsmarted the rain under a canopy on the Avalon lawn. Smoke-toned ghost chairs, onyx goblets, and custom chandeliers complemented the bride’s sultry bouquet. This pair broke into a choreographed hip-hop number for their first dance. Event


Hot for Honeymoons

Warm sunshine and luxe suites set the stage for a sizzling escape. 
Just add your idea of a good time.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

Why wait for the honeymoon? Cruise in early for spa days and pool time. Then linger as long as you can after the festivities wind down. Planning a wedding can test the strongest will. A week or two in the desert is just the antidote for stressed-out nerves and runaway jitters. Check in to a tricked-out suite with pampering amenities


Wed This Way

Find your happy place in this sun-drenched 
valley that lives for love.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

Lush fairways, fairy-tale ballrooms, and 
everything you need for a wedding staycation. Golfers aren’t the only ones with a soft spot for emerald courses surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain panoramas. Brides and grooms appreciate dedicated wedding planners, dramatic venues, and sprawling honeymoon suites. Guests create a complete vacation without hopping in a car thanks to restaurants, tennis courts, pools, a spa,

rehearsal dinner

Hot Spots to Host Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

We’ve got your guide to the best local restaurants and caterers who guarantee a fun, pre-wedding feast that is piled high with Palm Springs panache … even if you’re on a budget.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

Who still treats guests to a rehearsal dinner these days? “Almost everyone!” says Trish Jones, co-owner of The Walk Down the Aisle in Palm Springs, an event design, styling, and planning company. And those who don’t often host another version of this traditional event in the form of a modern welcome party to thank family, and usually friends, who have


Seasonal Wedding Menus and Sweets

Capture the season’s best ingredients, brightest flavors, and most memorable combinations on your big day.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

No matter your wedding date, it’s easy to incorporate the season’s freshest flavors when you know where to look. Of course, this delicious stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s offers a special abundance of comfort foods, traditional dishes, beloved family recipes, and festive confections to choose from. “Capturing the season of your wedding is a great way to celebrate,” says

bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Central

Vegas is so 2003. Girl, you know what I’m saying. This is where the real party goes down.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

When a girl gets engaged, her girlfriends have just one burning question (and it has nothing to do with who is going to catch that silly bouquet or what style of bridesmaid dresses they’ll be wearing): “So, where’s the bachelorette party?” Palm Springs is officially the unofficial new go-to destination for girlfriend getaways and destination bachelorette parties. And it’s not


Wed With Pride

Your guide to Coachella Valley’s top LBGT wedding vendors and venues.

Lisa Marie Hart LGBT, Weddings Planner

Gay weddings are not a niche in Greater Palm Springs — they are an integral and vibrant part of the fabric of the community. Rainbow love has both historic roots and modern expression here. Couples traverse the globe to make their bond official here, knowing they will be welcome, appreciated, and celebrated. In addition to the region’s reputation for sophisticated


6 Steps to Hosting a Spa Wedding

Getting married is stressful enough, for the couple and their guests, so consider diffusing the difficulty by celebrating at a spa.

Lisa Marie Hart Weddings Planner

If you’re never heard of a spa wedding, that’s because few people are brave enough to host one! OK, that’s not quite true. A spa wedding is certainly not for everyone. But for people who envision a peaceful gathering that forgoes cutting it on the dance floor in favor of lounging around in spa robes, this might be your dream