The Bears find Goldie Locks in their bed

Rotten Ham and Bare Butts

Selling real estate in Greater Palm Springs often means taking the bad with the weird.

Alice Short Real Estate

Matthew Reader unlocked the front door of a Palm Desert house and ushered his client into the entryway. The Realtor had studied a write-up of the home ahead of time and was pleased to note that the two of them would have the place to themselves. No one was at home. At least, that’s what he believed until he walked

marines twentynine-palms

Green is the New Camo

Ecological sustainability is an inherent part of operations at the military base at Twentynine Palms, proving that if you want a recycling job done right, send the Marines.

Alice Short Day Trips

In August 1952, dozens of men and trucks made their way to an area just north of Twentynine Palms, christened “Camp Detachment.” A local newspaper heralded the event with a headline that suggested the start of something momentous: MARINES ARRIVE. Col. Verle E. Ludwig, who later penned a history of the area, described the place as a “weird hunk of