indiGO classic cars

Hot Wheels

There might be more vintage cars per square mile in our valley than anywhere else on earth.

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The emotional appeal of a classic car is undeniable. Be it sleek Italian sports cars or imposing British behemoths or our American muscle cars, we love our vintage rides. The most prolific local purveyor of vintage vehicles is McCormick’s Classic Car Auctions. In the business for 32 years, they auction as many as 1,200 cars per year. “It really all

Small plane flying over Coachella Valley

Soar with Eagles

Palms to Pines Gliding gets very, very high.

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At 10,000 feet, Chris Dabolt calmly turns the engine off. The propeller’s spin lulls to a complete stop. Cool, crisp air wafts through the clear cockpit canopy. It’s serene and beautiful. We are gliding. A minute ago we were sitting in a powered aircraft. Now that craft has become a glider. What an incredible way to view the Santa Rosa