Caroldean Ross Takes Her Fight Public Against Cancer

Organizes "Fight Like a Girl" to raise awareness, action

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Caroldean Ross has witnessed the affects of cancer, in many of its forms, and the deep emotional and physical impact on family and friends has triggered her to fight.

Fight for awareness. Fight for health. Fight for a cure.

“I am passionate to bring awareness and to empower women to know their body, touch their body…to know what’s not right,” she says. “Early detection is important, and we can cure this terrible disease if it’s caught.”

As chairperson and founder of Charity, Ross will host the inaugural event, “Fight Like a Girl”, a dinner, silent auction, and symposium at 5 p.m. Oct. 3 at the Riviera Palm Springs.

“The name of the event was inspired by the ‘Run Life a Girl’ campaign that shows that without the influence of social stereotypes, little girls will give their all to get to the finish line of a race,” she says. “There can be such a crazy stigma attached to a breast cancer diagnosis especially for women who view their breasts as a mark of their femininity. There is so much compassion when we let each other be vulnerable.”

Ross is mother to a 5-year-old son, owner of Resale Therapy, a high-end retail shop in Cathedral City, and co-owner of Déjà Vu, a vintage boutique in Palm Springs.

Her motivation stems from her own personal experiences surrounded by those battling cancer. Her mother is currently in remission from the disease, she lost her sister to breast cancer as well as her brother to leukemia, and she recently lost a terminally ill friend (pictured at right) who had a “bucket list” dream to go to Hawaii.

Ross called in favors from her local network and was able to make her friend’s last wish come true. The support she received from this endeavor has inspired her to connect different charities fighting for the same goal.

“I want to empower those combating cancer to find the same inner strength to fight for their life in a way they never knew they could,” she says. “To fight like nothing is gonna get in their way. To say,  ‘let’s get this done and move on’.”

During the dinner, experts will present a Health and Wellness panel discussion featuring radiology, reconstruction, oncologists and surgeons including Dr. Deb Rubin, Dr. Ritu Chopra, Dr. Frederick Eko, Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Laura Lee.

Other activities include:

• Cocktail Reception with a signature “Two-in- One Punch” signature drink sponsored in part by Crater Lake.

• Vendor garden for sampling mini spa treatments and shopping opportunities.

• A special appearance by five-time world boxing champion Mia St. John to sign gloves and autographs.

• A special wine auction inviting guests to bring a bottle in exchange for raffle tickets to win 12 bottles.

• A fashion show featuring “survivors” styled by City Lites, Tarah Jade, Bobby G’s, Josie’s Heart and Resale Therapy.

“Fight Like a Girl”, 5 p.m. Oct. 3 at the Riviera Palm Springs. Guest are invited to wear pink cocktail attire and can purchase tickets and find more information at:; 760-678-8394.

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