Melissa Neiderman

Putting Their Needs First

Melissa Neiderman’s tireless charitable efforts earn her the 2017 Women’s Leadership Forum’s Inspiration Award.

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Melissa Neiderman recalls watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon for the Muscular Distrophy Association as a child, thinking even then that she wanted to give back. “I always had to watch and give something,” she says. “I was entranced by what he (Jerry Lewis) did.” Neiderman grew up in the Catskills, a small upstate New York community that has, historically, been


10 New Year’s Eve Spots to Welcome 2017

Whether it's for a party of two to hundreds, Greater Palm Springs has your ticket to signal the start to the new year.

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Some call it New Year’s Eve 2016. Others send out the call to Ring in the 2017 New Year. Either way, it’s that special time to gather and reflect on another year’s passing and look to the future for new memories to be made. Whether you are up for a night out on the town, a community block party, or


Music is Her First Language

Linda Lavin shares her connection with music when she performs for the first time at the Annenberg Theater.

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Linda Lavin says singing and acting were always in her destiny. “It’s something that came very natural to me,” Lavin says. “When I was a little girl, my mother was a singer. There is a story that I sang, God Bless America in my crib, and I hadn’t spoken yet. Music is my first language. It came very easily and


Strike Up the Grills

Indio barbecue master dons his apron this year at Indio California State BBQ Championship and Festival.

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No sitting on the sidelines this time. Thom Emery sat out last year’s inaugural Indio California State BBQ Championship and Festival because he was prevented from entering as the event organizer. He’ll be cooking for the second annual Nov. 12 at The Lights at Indio Golf Course. The competition is part of a slew of events under the Coachella Valley


Mistress of Many Media

Megan Hilty is the ultimate entertainer whose talents shine on TV, Broadway, and in concert.

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Megan Hilty has been keeping a wicked-hard schedule of late: concert gigs, a new holiday album release, and smashing it in Hollywood. This display of energy isn’t about fulfilling other people’s expectations, it’s about feeding the beast within. “I think that drive comes from inside you,” she says. “Nobody can force you to work hard and really go for it.


Life After Glee

Jane Lynch brings comical theatrics to McCallum Theatre.

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Sorry, Glee fans. Jane Lynch has moved on. The actress who brought a feisty, rambunctious rancor to the character Sue Sylvester, says the show ended in 2015 at the right time. “I don’t miss being on Glee,” says Lynch. “It was a perfect moment in time. I have so many terrific memories. It was a groundbreaking show and I got to


Back in the Spotlight

Arsenio Hall returns to where he has always felt at home — onstage making people laugh.

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Arsenio Hall is known for putting a humorous spin on political, social, and entertainment issues. Since the late 1970s and early ’80s, the veteran talk show host has kept his fingers on the pulse of pop culture. He was the first African-American to host a late-night talk show. The Arsenio Hall Show ran from 1989 to 1994, returning briefly from


Desert Debut for Actor George Hamilton

The ever-bronzed gentleman returns to a favorite getaway to promote Silver Skies’ theater premiere in the valley.

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Nestled beneath the majestic San Jacinto Mountains looming over Palm Canyon Drive, the dashing actor, George Hamilton (wearing white pants) sips on a margarita. Hamilton’s sunny disposition, good looks, and debonair demeanor embody the essence of Palm Springs. It’s no surprise that the famously tanned actor has quite a history in our desert domain. Hamilton, who lives in Los Angeles,

lazy eye film

A Relationship Re-Examined

Lazy Eye, which opens the Cinema Diverse Film Festival, was filmed in Joshua Tree, and the site lines were fantastic.

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Film producer Howard Rosenman knew filming Lazy Eye in Joshua Tree would provide more than just a suitable backdrop to the story. “The desert is the third character in the film,” says Rosenman, who once lived in Cathedral City. “Joshua Tree is mystical and exotic. It has its own chemistry, almost lunar, highlighting the relationship in the film.” All eyes

craft beer_ace hotel

Crafting a Winner

Ace Hotel cooks up special menus to showcase craft beers.

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To rev up for the Ace Hotel and Swim Club’s fifth annual worship of craft beer, Executive Chef Gregorio Calderin and his team pair specific beer flavors with Mexican fare the weekend of Sept. 9-10. “Mexican food goes hand in hand with the beer selections we have chosen, and we have multiple beverage choices for each meal,” Calderin says. The