xaviera simmons desert x

Wide Open Spaces

Desert X Co-curator César García-Alvarez offers his favorite ways to absorb three works at this year’s show that runs through May 16.

Derrik J. Lang Arts & Entertainment, Current Guide

xaviera simmons desert x

Xavier Simmons is using an advertising medium as a way to promote social justice issues.

Desert X
 co-curator César García-Alvarez explains it's not always which installation you see during the site-specific art exhibit, but how you experience it. Here are his three tips.

Rock Out

“As you drive along Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs to take in Xaviera Simmons’ billboards (Because You Know Ultimately We Will Band A Militia), blast your favorite heavy metal playlist. The images may reveal more to you if you do.”

You Time

The Passenger, Eduardo Sarabia’s installation at Frank Sinatra Drive and Portola Avenue in Palm Desert, is best experienced alone. Before snapping any selfies, slip on your headphones and journey through it completely on your own.”


Desert X
 co-curator César García-Alvarez.

Dig Deep

“Before visiting 
Vivian Suter’s installation in downtown Palm Springs, do a Google image search for ‘Palm Springs landscapes.’ 
Pay attention to the colors and the palette they collectively create. And come back at night for a different perspective, too.”

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