Dr. Wendy Roberts and her, son Jonah.

Dermatologist Revolutionizes the Aging Process

How Dr. Wendy Roberts’ signature approach delivers results for decades to come.

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Dr. Wendy Roberts and her, son Jonah.

Dr. Wendy Roberts and her son, Jonah.

When it comes to managing your money for the long term, it’s common practice to work with a financial planner. After all, an expert helps you make the best decisions for managing your money today and also ensures you reap the benefits for decades to come.

So, when it comes to managing your aging, why not work with an expert for long-term success?

This is the question that board-certified dermatologist Dr. Wendy Roberts sought to answer when she developed her exclusive Age Management Program.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Roberts saw a similar problem in the broader field of dermatology. At the time, dermatology was focused on treating symptoms rather than preventing those symptoms in the first place. Realizing a more comprehensive, long-term approach would benefit her patients, Dr. Roberts launched a national Generational Dermatology Symposium to revolutionize how the field approaches dermatology as patients age. Now, she’s doing the same in the field of aesthetics with her Age Management Programs.

“Age management is no different than managing your finances,” Dr. Roberts says. “Just like with investing your money, if you start investing in your skin early, you’ll see the benefits compound over time.”

“Small, preventative procedures in our second, third, and fourth decades really pay off in the seventh and eighth decades,” Dr. Roberts adds.

Dr. Roberts’ approach to Age Management starts with assessing where her patients are today, identifying the hallmarks of aging, what aging concerns may be coming down the road, and creating a customized, long-term treatment plan to keep her patients looking and feeling their best.

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Dr. Wendy Roberts

“I identify risk factors for aging the same way a financial planner would identify risky ventures for your investments,” Dr. Roberts says. “My patients may be at risk for certain things, such as if they’ve spent years as a sun worshiper or if they have a history of melasma in the family. With Age Management, my role is to identify these potential future issues, so we avoid those risks before they happen.”

Dr. Roberts has a keen eye for both deconstructing and reconstructing a patient’s face in her mind, which is key to the success of her Age Management Program. By mentally turning the hands of time both backward and forward during a facial assessment, Dr. Roberts is able to see her patients’ best selves and customize a comprehensive approach to achieve and maintain results.

This becomes crucial in the field of aesthetics as patients often request specific, targeted procedures such as Botox or fillers in a specific area to address a concern. Fillers or Botox alone are rarely the standalone solution, though, as there’s an entire spectrum to consider when it comes to aging skin and achieving a youthful look.

“It’s not just about injecting fillers but understanding what factors are actually aging you,” Dr. Roberts says. “It could be patchy skin, texture issues, skin quality, dry spots, or an uneven appearance — all of these are factors that age people.”

With Dr. Roberts’ Age Management approach, she’s able to address these issues with a variety of nonsurgical options, including lasers, micro needling, radiofrequency, and injectables.

“It’s truly a gift to be able to see how a person really looks and to be able to give it back to them through Age Management,” Dr. Roberts says.

Dr. Roberts is an internationally recognized, double board-certified dermatologist. After attending medical school at Stanford University, she trained in Los Angeles alongside celebrity doctors. As a master injector, Dr. Roberts trains dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the country on her techniques to achieve natural results. To schedule your Age Management consultation, call 760-346-4262.

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