Pushwalla Palms

Hike of the Month: Pushawalla Palms Trail

This route through the Coachella Valley Preserve leads to a palm oasis and provides 360-degree views.

Steven Biller Hiking

Pushwalla Palms

Views of the rocky descent.

Located in the Coachella Valley Preserve, smack on the San Andreas Fault, this moderate, 4.4-mile loop trail leads up a rugged 700 feet to a ridgeline trek with spectacular 360-degree views of the valley. The rocky descent heads into an improbable palm grove oasis — the only shade you’ll find on this adventure and a refreshing spot to stop, hydrate, and chill while listening to the breeze ruffle the palm fronds and watching the lizards and other critters scurry around. The trail is mostly well marked; watch for rocks positioned to help you stay on the path.