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A Hike Through Time

A ranger-led trek in the Indian Canyons reveals the enduring culture of the Agua Caliente people.

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Consider the incredible history of Indian Canyons and the centuries of Cahuilla life that preceded the canyon’s popularity among visitors and hikers.


Happy Trails

Rob Bignell, author of Day Hiking Trails of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, runs down his 
favorite local excursions — no 
matter your mood.

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Rob Bignell, author of “Day Hiking Trails of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley”, runs down his 
favorite local excursions — no 
matter your mood.


By Land, Air, and Steed

For almost seven decades, dedicated volunteers have traversed the mountains and canyons of the Coachella Valley to rescue the injured or lost.

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Every once in a while, the faint whirring of a helicopter’s blades passes overhead as the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue saves the day.


Mountain Man

There’s more to the Maynard Mine Trail in Andreas Canyon than meets the eye.

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The Maynard Mine Trail in Andreas Canyon attracts those who are eager for a challenge with a narrow, rugged, and rapidly ascending 6-mile round-trip route.


Into the Wild

Immerse yourself in the desertscape.

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The goal of Coachella Valley organizations like Friends of the Desert Mountains is to stoke a passion for the environment through recreation programs.

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Immersed in Fall Colors: Hiking Idyllwild

Ascend Mount San Jacinto on Deer Springs Trail and enjoy one of the state park’s most popular paths.

Julie Pendray Hiking

It’s easy to feel small trekking along Deer Springs Trail toward Suicide Rock. Hiking Idyllwild among towering ponderosa and coulter pines, you ascend to a rock plateau at 7,500 feet with a panoramic view of the town, Tahquitz Peak, and Lily Rock, where international rock-climbing ratings originated. Here, legend tells us, a young Native American princess and her lover leapt