West Canyon Trail

Hike of the Month: West Canyon Trail in Morongo Valley

Embark on a journey through Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, where panoramic views and wildlife sightings await.

Amanda Oliver Hiking

West Canyon Trail

Views from the scenic hike.

Panoramic views of Big Morongo Canyon and a plethora of plants, including wild plum, honey mesquite, and desert almond, line the path of this moderately difficult .84-mile hike. A couple of steep switch-backs will lead you to the canyon floor and an easy walk up to the marsh, which attracts wildlife during every season. The preserve is an internationally recognized birding site — several rare species are known to nest here — so bring binoculars if you wish to catch a glimpse. Several other trails route through the preserve, ranging from an easy boardwalk loop to a strenuous 8.34-mile hike along a stream.