Non-surgical face procedures

How to Look Younger, According to a Palm Desert Doctor

Say goodbye to aging lines! Dr. Monica Bonakdar explains how to achieve your ideal cosmetic goals.

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Non-surgical face procedures
Surgical or nonsurgical facial rejuvenation: Which path should I choose? 

Every person who gazes into the mirror and contemplates addressing those unwelcome signs of aging inevitably ponders the surgical versus nonsurgical dilemma. As a seasoned expert in cosmetic dermatology, a master injector, a board-certified laser surgeon, and a faculty member at the esteemed Allergan Medical Institute, I am thrilled to tell you that you no longer have to make an exclusive choice. Embrace a proactive approach to aging in a world where surgical and nonsurgical options happily coexist!

I guide my patients with an honest approach and tell them if and when you choose to explore surgical options, I will refer you to my favorite trusted plastic surgeon colleagues and you do your due diligence. Understandably, the idea of anesthesia and prolonged downtime are deterrents for many. That’s where my transformative “5R Facial Rejuvenation” program comes in. Say goodbye to aging changes as I help you, reverse and even prevent them using a curated collection of nonsurgical treatments.

Imagine the remarkable results achieved through my tried-and-true combination of favorites: Botox Cosmetic, the unrivaled time-reverser, and six phenomenal Juvederm fillers renowned for their lifting and contouring prowess, topped off with the crème de la crème of lasers and cutting-edge devices for resurfacing, tightening, and lifting the skin. This comprehensive program is your course to achieve a younger, more stunning version of yourself. These subtle “tweakments” deliver incremental yet synergistic improvements, even complementing future surgical interventions for an overall outcome that surpasses expectations. It’s a battle against the forces of time and nature, and we’re winning by embracing the best of both worlds—surgical and nonsurgical options!

A typical “5R Facial Rejuvenation” program addresses facial volume loss with fillers. The superhero filler package is the transformative “Fix My Face” offering, which targets concerns such as hollowed temples, sunken under eyes, sagging cheeks, pesky marionette lines, and bothersome jowls.

Witnessing my clients’ awe-inspiring reactions during their mid-point filler injections is truly a moment of magic. I call it the “Wow” moment. Without fail, their faces light up with pleasant surprise as they catch sight of themselves in the mirror and exclaim, “Wow!”

So, say goodbye to indecision and embrace both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Together, we’ll unveil a more radiant, confident you—a timeless testament to defying aging with grace, style, and a cheerful spirit!

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