Sponsor Jordan Schnitzer.

Jordan Schnitzer Empowers Coachella Valley Students at Fashion Week El Paseo

Education sponsor Jordan Schnitzer enables fashion students’ dreams and widens the possibilities for local high schoolers.

June Allan Corrigan Fashion Week El Paseo, Sponsored

Sponsor Jordan Schnitzer.

Sponsor Jordan Schnitzer (front) poses with 75 local students whose tickets were funded by his sponsorship during Fashion Week El Paseo in 2023. This year, the sponsorship will cover tickets for 150 students.

Plenty of sensational designs appear on the runway during Fashion Week El Paseo. Arguably the most fresh and innovative designs come from the collections presented by graduating fashion students. “While it’s exciting to see established world-class designers present their amazing fashions, I think it’s delightfully surprising to see younger, aspiring designers and their creativity,” says education sponsor Jordan Schnitzer.

The Istituto Marangoni Miami show will take center stage March 20 to showcase dazzling creations from the university’s top-tier design students thanks to Schnitzer’s generous support. As the designs glide across the runway, the businessman, arts collector, and design enthusiast will be in the audience to cheer them on accompanied by 150 local high school students whose tickets he also funds.

“It’s important that everyone, irrespective of their socioeconomic status, gets exposed to art, culture, and business,” he says. “All of us have had profound experiences when we were younger that really helped shape and form us. Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, we’re all made up of a million little mosaic parts of our experiences. It’s random when a seed gets planted or an inspirational moment occurs.”

Schnitzer’s ongoing support over the years has resulted in thousands of Coachella Valley students being able to attend Fashion Week El Paseo. Preshow tours backstage provide them with a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of design. “I think it may be very impactful,” he says. “Whether they end up pursuing a career in fashion or not is less important to me than just being able to give back to the community and let some younger people simply experience being a guest and perhaps widen their world.”

These experiences matter.

“Throughout the ages, if we look back at societies, the arts define us,” Schnitzer concludes. “Whatever our occupation may be, we’re inspired by art, fashion, music — these things add a balance to our lives that we all need.”