Music, Medicine Create Basis for Change

Dr. Suzanne Quardt joins The Doctors of the Desert Concert after experiencing the benefits of music in her life

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At a very young age, Suzanne Quardt’s mom encouraged her to play the piano.

“The fact that my mom got me involved so early and the discipline that comes from practice and competitions taught me so many things,” says Quardt (pictured below). “Learning to read music is like learning a language and there are technical aspects of piano that are challenging. I’m good with my hands…that kind of started with piano.”

Although Quardt gave a piano concert at Carnegie Hall at age 13, she went on to become an American board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Her education, credentials, and many accolades attest to the fact that…yes, she is definitely good with her hands.

A desert resident since 2006, Dr. Q, as she is widely known, has developed a thriving practice in Rancho Mirage and she has been a champion for many Coachella Valley philanthropies. “My favorite seasons are summer and summer…so this (the desert) is paradise. I love this community and getting involved,” Quardt says.

Dr. Q has been sharpening her piano skills to prepare for the Doctors of the Desert Concert on Feb. 18 to benefit the Steinway Society of Riverside. This unique event features practicing physicians showcasing their musical talents and voices to enrich children’s musical education.

The Steinway Society has presented music education programs throughout the Coachella Valley serving approximately 40 Coachella Valley schools. Dr. Q will join Drs. Scott Aaronson, Anthony Bassanelli, Rainer Bergman, Eric Fox, Judith Zacher, and Lisa Lindley at this musical gala that will also include a piano recital by a Steinway Festival winner, Joel Oswari.

Dr Anthony Bassanelli performs at a previous “The Doctors of the Desert Concert”.

Her hands are her instruments but according to Dr. Q, she has many different interests:

• “I’m a terrible cook…but I’m all about baking.  It’s so creative…the icing, piping.”

• “I love dancing.  I’ve joked that if I didn’t become a surgeon I would have become a dancer.”

• “I have eclectic musical taste and I play all kinds of music in the operating room. Mozart, Lady Gaga, Adele, 90’s disco dance music, country…it depends on the mood.”


Dr. Scott Aaronson performs on the flute.


For Dr. Q, the art of piano and the precision of surgery go hand in hand. The synergies between two of her passions began in her youth and manifest in her current profession.

“Many studies and theories (such as the Mozart effect) link music training at an early age with children doing better in verbal and mathematical skills, working memory, flexibility and IQ,” she says. “The training for music, being technical with the hands and the increased manual dexterity has also been shown to help the brain.”  

 “The Doctors of the Desert Concert”, 3 p.m. Feb. 28, The Classic Club, 75200 Classic Club Blvd., Palm Desert, 760-341-4130;

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