ONE-PS Guide cover

ONE-PS Publication Garners National Recognition

The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods earns first place at Neighborhoods, USA national conference.

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ONE-PS Guide cover
The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods made its debut in 2016.

Each Palm Springs neighborhood bears the distinctive markings of the period in which it was founded, and flourishes through its unique succession of residents that continues to sculpt it.

The debut in 2016 of The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods helped introduced the city through an 80-page magazine format guide surveying 41 Palm Springs neighborhoods using narrative text and nearly 200 new and historic photographs.

“Some of the audiences for example, which we’ve identified for this publication, would be newcomers to Palm Springs. People that are looking for homes, people that have recently moved here, and other people that are not yet really familiar with this city…there’s no other medium that I’m aware of that looks at the entire city at this kind of level,” said Eric Chiel, ONE-PS Executive Board member, author and project manager, The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods.

The publication recently received an impressive national accolade, garnering first place at the 42nd annual conference of Neighborhoods, USA, Neighborhood Newsletter Competition in the Non-Profit Organization Printed Format category. One-PS partnered with Desert Publications, Inc., the publishers of Palm Springs Life magazine, for design and printing.

ONE-PS is a public benefit corporation composed of the leadership of Palm Springs’ certified neighborhood organizations that are collectively recognized by the city as the representatives of their districts. In recent years, ONE-PS has joined forces with the Palm Springs Police Department, the Palm Springs Public Library, the City of Palm Springs, and the Desert Horticultural Society of Coachella Valley to lead a series of instructive workshops for Neighborhoods, USA, providing national exposure for the organization, neighborhoods, and the city.

In creating the ONE-PS publication, Chiel said he factored in several characteristics that have helped shape the city’s neighborhoods.

“I tried to approach the publication from a broader perspective,” he said, “so I looked partially at the celebrity past and present, I also looked at the architecture, and I looked at the culture.”

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